Essays in French Literature and Culture

A peer-reviewed scholarly journal published by the French Programme at the University of Western Australia ISSN No. 1835-7040

Issue 58, 2021 – The Critical French Medical Humanities 

Guest Editors : Enda McCaffrey and Dr Aine Larkin

Enda McCaffrey, Nottingham Trent University, and Dr Aine Larkin, Aberdeen University, guest edited this issue on the emerging theme of  the French Critical Medical Humanities.  

Interdisciplinary in approach but also a bellwether of changing attitudes to medicine, mental and physical health and healthcare practices in France, the critical French Medical Humanities have emerged with a distinctive/critical pulse on the dynamic interface between the embodied experience of illness and disease, and the republican institutions of health and medicine that shape everyday life in France today.

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Enda McCaffrey and Áine Larkin, Guest editors, Introduction
Kit Yee Wong, Degenerate Bodies: Max Nordau’s Degeneration and Émile Zola’s La Débâcle
Aina Marti-Balcells, Home, Degeneration and Decadence: Discursive Connections between Bénédict Morel and Eugène Viollet-le-duc 
Sarah Jones, Zola’s Fortunate Man: Rereading Le Docteur Pascal as a Country Doctor 
Larry Duffy, Pathographical and Pathological in Zola and Proust 
Áine Larkin, Philippe Vigand on Disability, Masculinity, and Ecology
Silvia Rossi, Patients: Reformers or Society’s Waste? A Reflection on the Place of People Living with Cancer in our Society 
Alison Williams, “Acquiers toy parfaicte cognoissance de l’aultre monde, qui est l’homme”: Rabelais, the History of Medicine, and Medical Humanism 
Steven Wilson, Digital Autopathography: Relational Modes of Illness Writing in Marie-Dominique Arrighi’s K, histoires de crabe 
Anna Elsner, In the Margins: Louis Wolfson, Language, Literature, and a Dying Mother 
Katie Jones, Contemporary French Fictions of Suicide: A Medical Humanities Approach
Benjamin Dalton, The Plastic Hospital: Catherine Malabou’s Architectural Therapeutics 

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