Essays in French Literature and Culture

A peer-reviewed scholarly journal published by the French Programme at the University of Western Australia ISSN No. 1835-7040

Issue 57, 2020 –  Identité et Environnement

Tatania Trouvé, Sans Titre, 2019

Identity and the environment have long been central concerns of writers, artists and filmmakers.

This issue selected papers from the amnual conference of the Australian Society of French Studies in 2018, University of Western Australia, seeking to reflect on the ways in which identity is created in relation to place. How do we make sense of our relationship to environment and place and our interactions with our surroundings? For centuries, changes to urban and rural landscapes along with shifting patterns of migration have caused individuals and peoples to reshape their sense of self and their identities. Creative works dealing with questions of place and environment also commonly raise related social, political and economic issues. And if in recent decades climatic issues have risen to the forefront of debate, how do these issues play out in mainland France and in the wider Francophone sphere?

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